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People understand that weheartit is a site that us bloggers hate the most. We all know that site is just a stupid site where people steal pictures from bloggers and post it on there just to have it repost back on tumblr with the wrong source. To us bloggers, it really sucks. It doesn’t matter whether it’s art work, review pictures, selfies, etc it’s ours and we deserve to have credit on what is ours. What’s really irritating is when we ask nicely for them to remove our picture and they give us attitude and make an excuse that it’s “the internet.” You don’t understand how annoying it is when people use that excuse. We share things on here for you guys to see, but that doesn’t mean it’s not ours anymore just because we posted it publicly. Try going to the mall and taking the clothes without paying because it is publicly hanging there for everyone to see. It’s not right. Stealing from a store is as bad as stealing from bloggers and artists. Don’t get mad at us for being mad at you. Even if you post something and have credit on it doesn’t mean it’s right either. Always ask for permission because we do not wish to have our stuff post on sites or anywhere without our notices. 

Please understand for us and just not do it. It’s really not fair for us.