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Guys, just so you guys don’t get confused anymore these are all MY accounts! lol 


Any other accounts you see with my pictures are fakers or reposters.

jourmund: I really agree with you on reposting. I hate when people steal other people's pictures. I've seen blogs with only reposted pictures and never reblogged. I always unfollow these blogs. Everybody else should too.

Yeah, it’s sad actually, that they feel good when they get a bunch of followers and notes on something they didn’t create… Lol like..they don’t like the blogger, they like the stuff those people stole from other bloggers. Sad…

I will never understand why people repost pictures. I don’t get how it feels nice to get a bunch of notes on a picture that is not even yours. I think it would feel incredibly better if you got notes on your own stuff instead of someone else’s work! I think it doesn’t feel nice at all cause you didn’t make it, you didn’t take the picture. And to get credit off someone else stuff is just sad :c 

completely-charming: The flooring of where you take your pictures is absolutely perfect. I love light wood floors.

Thank youuuu. We worked hard on it, it’s 100 years old and we fixed it up! c:

And it’s my girly/work room! Lol

angelbxnny: this is probably going to sound SUUUper pathetic but god I go through your pictures and I pray that one day I would have the body like yours or style like yours. Everytime I see your pictures I am just in awe of how amazing you are and I get so upset because you're literally a cute little rose of perfection ; ;

Omgggosshh! please don’t say that!! You don’t sound pathetic! This is such a sweet sweet message! Thank you so much, sweets! ಥ_ಥ You’re so nice, but please don’t think I’m perfect, I’m not! I’m sure you can do all these too if you try!!